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RELLIK 1983-1990 & 2003!

Welcome to the Official web-site paying homage to one of the hardest rocking bands from the Mid-South in the 1980's!

This site will cover the first seven years of Rellik AND vital updates for 2003. It will be presented in three parts, beginning with the origional line-up (1983-1987), with Clark(Q.T.)Quertermous,vocals; Kip Brockett, guitars; Ty Roxx, bass and Wain Snyder, drums.

By far not the least important line up of Rellik, as far as a recording and live entity, was the 1988-90 line up, which lead to singer Q.T. and drummer Wain Snyder having to find the right elements of a bass player and guitarist. Timi Heiser (whom was the bass player in Wains band "RABID MASS" while RELLIK was on hiatus for a year) soon replaced Ty Roxx. Jamie Adams followed replacing Kip Brockett on guitar. At this point Q.T. and Wain refused to be silenced with the origional members leaving, and they could not have been more correct! Both line-ups were known for their exhustive performances, and off stage antics that are still ledgend today, from St. Louis to Memphis. Rellik OWNED I-55 in the 80's!

From inde releases, a tour of the east coast in 1984, home video's and one huge stage show, it will be decades before the thousands of lucky fans from the Mid-South to the East coast, quit talking about the "POWER and FURY" of RELLIK.

It is amazing that this year marks the Twenty year anniversary of the Origional line up of RELLIK, and the Rellik buzz still exist to this day! To mark this occaision, Soap Opera City is being released on CD, with a few surprises from RELLIK. Enjoy your visit to the world that raises it's fist high, and still chants RELLIK!

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